Dotul Three Head Wide Belt Sander - 52" MT-152

Dotul Three Head Wide Belt Sander-52" MT-152

The MT series wide belt sanding machines are designed for the stile and rail door or cabinet industries. This machine is designed to prevent the standard rubber drums developing the wear marks or divots in the drum caused by the variations from the offset joints from stile and rail joint meeting areas.

Our first drum is steel to equalize the surface of the assembled stile and rail style door or cabinet doors. The second drum is rubber to assist in achieving a smooth finish and allow for additional grits to be used. The third sanding head is the final finish allowing the sanding platen to do the final finish with the finest grit paper. Digital controls ensure the accurate and consistent thickness for the sanding process.


  • Specially designed for stile and rail door manufacturing.
  • Extended roller infeed bed.
  • Heavy duty feed belt.
  • Mounting holes for mounting outfeed table.
  • 9" steel 1st drum.
  • 75 derometer rubber drum 2nd head.
  • Graphite sanding platen 3rd head.
  • Heavy horsepower to all motors.
  • Variable speed feed control.
  • Digital control for thickness on each head.
  • Infinite adjustable feed belt.
  • Emergency stop activated by body control allows for instant shutdown of machine.
  • Powered outfeed brush to clean product.




Max Working Width                                    


Max Working Thickness                              


Sanding Belt Dimensions (W x L)              

52" x 75"

Dust Collection Head (Dia. x holes)           

8" x 3

Main Motor                                                 

40, 30, 30 HP

Feed Motor                                                  

5 HP

Table Raising/Lowering Motor                  

½ HP

Variable Feed Speed                                   

28 ~ 80

Working Air Pressure                                 


Exhaust Volume Require                            

12,360 CFM


9500 lbs


11,500 lbs

Product Code: