Castaly 52" x 86" 3 Head Wide Belt Sander WS-DDA1300

Castaly 52" x 86" 3 Head Wide Belt Sander WS-DDA1300

Castaly WS-DDA1300 is one of several Wide Belt Triple Head options of varying size to meet all your woodworking needs.


  • With the Castaly Triple Head Wide Belt Sander, you can accurately, heavily sand your stock with the first steel & second rubber drum head and with the third combinational head you can give the unlimited fine finish.
  • Rugged heavy-duty sheet metal construction designed for durability usage.
  • Full power industrial motors drive sanding and auto infeed smoothly.
  • Infeed and outfeed are spring-loaded hold down rollers to ensure positive feeding without sanding mark.
  • Combination platen & drum sanding head for best sanding choice such as:

          1. With the platen up, the sander functions as a drum only machine, for sanding with a 40 ~ 100 grit belt.
          2. With the platen and drum same level, intermediate and final finishing is possible, using a grit of 120 ~ 180.
          3. With the platen down (below drum), used for the fine finishing or lacquer sealer sanding, with 180 ~ 600 grit.

  • Sanding platen with a quick release and lock down designed for easy removal or loading of graphite platen.
  • Computerized thickness adjustments control with accurate digital readout, just key in the size you desire and automatic table movement for sanding thickness within 0.005" accuracy.
  • Large size diameter contact drum is dynamically balanced rubber covered spiral grooves, designed to provide considerable advantages for the effective removal of material.
  • Special rubber feed belt for safe non-slipping, transporting the workpieces.
  • The abrasive belts are tracked by oscillating cylinders linked to the upper roller. The edge of the belt is detected by electric eye sensor which in turn control the air supply to the position via solenoid value. One limit switch is located on each end of top roller of the sand paper for quick stop in case of the event of belt breakage.
  • Main table designed with the convenient leveling adjustment which ensures greater stability with excellent tolerance they provide variable from 0" ~ 5" range sanding thickness.
  • 4 heavy-duty jackscrews power the conveyor table elevation.




Working Width


Working Thickness


Sand Paper Size (W x L)

52" x 86"

Sanding Drum Size


Drum Sander Motor

40 HP

Sanding Drum Size

9.5 "

Drum Sander Motor

30 HP

Combination Sanding Drum Size


Platen Width


Combination Sander Motor

25 HP

Clean Brush Diameter 


Clean Brush Motor

1/2 HP

Feed Motor

5.5 HP

Feed Speed

28 ~ 90 FPM

Lift Motor

1/2 HP

Dust Hood Size & Quantity

6" x 7

Machine Size (W x L x H)

79" x 126" x 83"

Net Weight

9610 LBS

Product Code: