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Fast Rack Equipment Trim Arm 100509363

Trim Arms allow the user to place the cabinet stackers on the cross supports for spraying cabinet doors.


  • Holds Trim: Two (2) Trim Arms on Adjustable Cart allows the user to place trim on the cart and wheel it around the workplace.
  • Spray Cabinet Doors: Use with Adjustable Cart, Cross Supports, and Cabinet Stackers.
  • Made of 1/8” cold rolled steel.
  • Ability to hold 1,000 lbs plus.


  • Holds Cross Supports on Adjustable Cart to allow Cabinet Stackers to be placed in order to spray cabinet doors and other items.
  • Holds Cross Supports on Adjustable Cart to allow larger heavier items such as full stair treads to be finished.
  • Load complete millwork packages with the ability to move around the workplace.
  • Holds trim and panels for storage.
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