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Fast Rack Equipment Adjustable Drying Rack Slider 100660950

The Fast Rack Drying Rack Slider can be adjusted along the telescopic tubing at any length within the Fast Rack Drying Rack. Users can dry multiple items such as doors and different length trim at the same time.


  • Attaches onto the Drying Rack.
  • Add Slider to drying rack to dry multiple items.
  • Add two Sliders on the back of drying rack to create a double rack.
  • Double rack allows a user to dry various lengths of multiple items.
  • Dry items such as full size doors, cabinet doors, trim, flooring and much more at the same time.
  • Made of 1/8” Cold Rolled Steel.
  • Easily connect Slider to Drying Rack with two bolts.
  • While single-sided rack is full and you realize you need more racking space you can simply add two sliders to the back side of drying rack.
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