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Castaly 4' x 8' Hydraulic Press Table (2 Sides) PT-48VA-2

The Castaly 4' x 8' Hydraulic Press Table (2 Sides)  PT-48VA-2 is one of several assembly presses offered in the Castaly line. Please view features and specifications of each to determine the model best to fit your needs.


  • Space-saving working table at both sides, two clamping system.
  • Hydraulically operated face frame type assembly table.
  • Twin hydraulic cylinders for moveable rams at two sides pressing for max. assembly capacity.
  • Fast, easy adjustments of rams makes changing sizes simple.
  • Separate controls for adjusting each sides of press rams.
  • Fixed reference points for lower & left edges ensure 90-degree assembly of face frames.
  • Heavy gauge steel metal table & frame.


Max. Assembling Size
48" x 97"
Max. Top  Pressure Capacity
11000 LBS x 4
Max. Side  Pressure Capacity
11001 LBS x 1
From Hold Down
90 PSI x 3
Hyduclic Pump
5 HP
Machine Size
165" x 85" x 86"
Machine Weight
3700 LBS
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