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Cantek Heavy-Duty Double Surface Planer GT-HD Series

Cantek GT-HD Series Heavy-Duty Double Surface Planer

Advanced design and total quality craftsmanship make the Cantek GT-HD Heavy-Duty Double Surface Planer a valuable addition to any production facility.


  • Rugged cast iron and plate steel fabrication provide long term dependability and low maintenance.
  • Infeed conveyor/carpet (spiked) allows precision jointing accuracy especially on warped or twisted lumber.
  • Computerized top cutterhead positioner is accurate ±0.001" ensuring quick and accurate setup.
  • Cutterhead tooling technology guarantees low noise, reduced power requirements, minimal operations cost, and repetitive finish on the most difficult hardwoods.
  • Variable feed speeds up to 95'/min but frequency inverter allow the CANTEK double surfacer to meet high production demands.
  • Patented lifting column system (synchronized transmission) guarantees repetitive setup and long-term dependability.
  • Patented universal drive transmission for feed groups and infeed carpet allows a maintenance free design vs. chain and sprocket style feed systems. Also provides a "constant" feeding environment of materials for improved and constant finish.
  • Cutterheads are of solid steel construction, dynamically balanced and mated with precision pulleys.
  • Cutterheads are supported by "NKS" class 7 precision ball bearings and precision housings.
  • Chromed bed is standard on all CANTEK double surfacers yielding optimum wear.
  • New guards and skirts provide comprehensive operator safety.





Maximum Working Width



Maximum Working Thickness



Minimum Working Thickness



Minimum Working Length

15 ¾”

15 ¾”

Cutterhead Diameter



Cutterhead Speed

4600 RPM

4000 RPM

Feed Speed

20-95’ FPM    
(optional up to 115 FPM)

20-95’ FPM    
(optional up to 115 FPM)

Upper Cutterhead Motor

50 HP

60 HP

Bottom Cutterhead Motor

50 HP

60 HP

Feed Drive Motor

10 HP (15 HP inverter)

15 HP (20 HP inverter)

Elevation Drive Motor

2 HP

2 HP

Machine Dimensions (L x W x H)

108” x 77” x 69”

108” x 85” x 67”

Shipping Dimensions (L x W x H)

114” x 81” x 77”

118” x 91” x 72”


11,330 lbs.

12,980 lbs.


12,320 lbs.

13,860 lbs.

CFM Dust Requirements

4750 CFM

5200 CFM

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