Cantek 24" Heavy-Duty Cardan Shaft Drive Double Surfacer GT610SH

Cantek 24" Heavy-Duty Cardan Shaft Drive Double Surfacer GT610SH

The Cantek 24" Heavy-DUty Cardan Shaft Double Surface Planer GT610SH is one of several double surface planers offered. Please see features and specifications of each to determine the one that best suited your requirements.


  • Cast iron based machine
  • Chrome-plated tables and top and bottom
  • Belt driven cutterheads
  • Full Cardan shaft drive 
  • A special gauging device mounted at the side of the machine quickly detects board thickness and reduces set-up errors
  • Cutterheads are mounted in Precision ABEC 7 RHP Bearings
  • Cutterheads are Carbide spiral insert type.  Heads have six (6) rows of carbide inserts, positioned in a spiral pattern, staggered. Two sided knives are 30mm x 12mm x 1.5mm. These cutterheads produce an excellent finish, run much quieter than conventional straight knife heads, and require less HP to perform the planing task.  The inserts are an industry standard item, and have four (2) cutting edges at 4600 RPM.
  • 4 heavy jack posts lift the feed carpet and top head assembly by 1 HP motor
  • The Feed System uses a spring loaded pin arrangement to pass material over the bottom jointing head.  A driven rubber top roll, after the top head, delivers the material out of the machine.
  • VFD variable feed speed control
  • LED readout at the control panel indicates opening dimension.
  • Front table is wedge/gib mounted and can be adjusted by the front handwheel
  • Front mounted control panel provides electronic display of bed opening
  • Electrics to CSA/UL Standards and are 230/460 or 575 volts 3 phase 60 cycles
  • Cutterhead starters are Y-Delta providing soft start to the heads




Maximum Working Width


Maximum Working Thickness


Minimum Working Thickness


Minimum Working Length

15 ¾”

Feed Speed

20-95’ FPM                   (optional up to 115 FPM)

Top Cutterhead Motor

25 HP

Bottom Cutterhead Motor

25 HP

Feed Motor

5 HP

Opening Hoist Motor

1 HP

Cutterhead Diameter


Machine Weight

8800 lbs.

Shipping Weight

9680 lbs.

Machine Dimensions (L x W x H)

108” x 67” x 67”

Shipping Dimensions (L x W x H)

116” x 73” x 72”



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