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OMGA Fully Automatic CNC Multi-stage Mitering System 14" Saw Blades V 2015 NC

OMGA Fully Automatic CNC Multi-stage Mitering System. 14" saw blades. V 2015 NC

The V 2015 NC is a system which is unique in the world and it is designed for very high production requirements of picture and photo frames. The system is capable of producing up to 1000 frames per hour making the V 2015 NC, the fastest mitering system in the world. Sophisticated, but simple and practical, the system is fitted with a guidance computer which makes the machine more productive and flexible, for an improved quality of the finished product. The machine counts with a 4 way hopper feeder which allows it to function in a completely automatic fashion. The following are some of the key features of the V 2015 NC Fully Automated Mitering System: Optimized Cutting By inputting the data relating to the length of the moulding along with the cutting list, the machine is able to select the best sequence automatically, maximizing the material's yield. Data Storage The computer has down loading capability through the 3 1/2" floppy disk or direct cable connection via RS 232 port. It is possible to interrupt the cutting process at any time and have a different program carried out, while all the data relating to the first program including the number of pieces still to be executed remain stored. Easy User Interface The onboard computer is equipped with an 8" monitor which allows all the messages that the operator requires, to be fully and constantly displayed in the desired language. A step by step full graphic display makes it easy for the operator to select the required operation. The on the screen diagnosis , reduces needless down time due to electric or pneumatic failure. Connectivity Because of its particular design and concept the V 2015 NC is ideal to be connected with Automatic Assembling Systems, making for a fully automated production cell.

Product Code: 
V 2015 NC