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Autoquip Series 35 Manual Turntable

Autoquip Series 35 Manual Turntable

S35 Manual Turntables enable workers to easily rotate heavy loads. The heavy-duty design of these manual industrial turntables is specially engineered  to withstand the demands and abuses of an industrial environment, and common applications include pallet build-up and teardown, light assembly, welding, and painting. Series 35 family of work station manual turntables can turn product weighing up to 6,000 pounds and lower to a height of 4 inches.

Double-row ball bearings in each roller creates the lowest turning forces in the industy - which was the most important performance characteristic according to our customers. And when used with an Autoquip scissors lift table, these industrial turntables further enhance both ergonomics and productivity by reducing reaching, ending, walking, and twisting associated with palletizing and other repetitive operations.

The Series 35 family of turntables has been manufactured in America's heartland since 1982 and is designed to the highest standards of safety and reliability.  They're the most durable, versatile, and popular lineup of lifts sold today - while still being competitively priced. And although they're available in standard options, Series 35 turntables are often customized using features engineered to fit your specific application.

Features and Benefits:

Durability and Quality:
  • Chrome plated center kingpin prevents corrosion of the pin and reduces wear on the sprocket center bearing.
  • High impact, spiral wound bearing at the main pivot point provides maintenance-free, rugged resistance to abrasion, impact, and uneven loads.
  • 1/2-inch-thick steel platform minimizes deck deflection and maximizes load stability.
  • Lowest turning forces in the indusry.
  • 4-inch lowered height allows greater on and off load flexibility and increases total ergonomic range.
  • Lag-down holes in the base allow for easier relocation.


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