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Autoquip High Capacity Powered Turntable

Autoquip High Capacity Powered Turntable

High capacity ring bearing turntables safely rotate a wide variety of heavy loads from zero to 360 degrees, in one or both directions, at constant or variable speeds. Because the ring bearings are rated for high eccentric loads, these turntables are ideal for wheeled loads and other off-centered loading conditions. And, the heavy-duty design of powered industrial turntables was developed to withstand the demands and abuses of an industrial environment, with common applications including conveyor systems, metal processing, heavy load positioning, and other automated systems. 

Our High Capacity powered turntables can be controlled manually or automatically, and when used with an Autoquip scissors lift table, these turntables further improve productivity and increase versatility in rotating and positioning heavy loads.

Autoquip has been designing and manufacturing High Capacity Turntables in America's heartland for more than 30 years. We've become the top choice for customers demanding the very best in rugged, high capacity, custom-built industrial turntables. Our team of technical sales and design experts excel at providing our customers with specialized, custom-built turning/rotating solutions at the lowest possible price and with the shortest possible lead time.

Features and Benefits

Durability and Quality:
  • Chrome-plated center kingpin prevents corrosion of the pin and reduces wear on the sprocket center bearing.
  • Minimum 1/2" thick steel platform minimizes deck deflection and maximizes load stability.
  • Steel support in upper and lower frames provide additional structural rigidity and resistance to twisting and bending of the tilter under load.
  • High-capacity center ring bearing resists highly eccentric loads, and ball bearing design greatly reduces turning friction and minimizes motor torque requirements, extending motor life.
  • Lag-down holes in the base allow for easier relocation.
  • Both single-direction and bi-directional controls are available.
  • Drive motors are rated for variable frequency drive control signals.


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