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CNC Auto End Match / Tenoner Machine SET-2500-EM-CNC

CNC Auto End Match / Tenoner Machine  SET-2500-EM-CNC is an entire machine controlled by a CNC controller providing easy operation.


  • The machine consists of one set of tenoning head and two sets of saw heads.
  • The entire machine motions are controlled by a CNC controller providing easy operation.
  • Right and left movement of table is driven by a servo motor combined with ball screw transmission featuring fast travel and high accuracy positioning.
  • Automatic 90˚ sawhead rotation. Rotation is actuated by swing cylinder.
  • Workpiece is clamped by air cylinders.
  • Sawblade elevation is driven by air cylinder.
  • Fast motion cycle.
  • High efficiency, high productivity.




Wood Length

20” x 100”

Wood Width

3 1/8” x 11 ½”

Wood Thickness

1 1/8” to 2”

Saw Head


     Saw Blade Sizes

10” x 1/8”

     Saw Arbor Diameter


     Saw Blade Speed

2800 RPM

     Saw Blade Size

3 HP x 2

     Saw Head Rotation




     Cutter Diameter


     Cutter Arbor Diameter

40 mm

     Cutter Speed

5600 RPM

     Cutter Motor

4 HP

Table Feed Motor

1 HP (servo)

Total HP

12 HP

Working Air Pressure

90 PSI

Dust Hood Outlet Diameter

6” x 1

Machine Size (L x W x H)

70” x 61” x 68”

Net Weight

2300 lbs.

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