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The Hain Company Measuring System (MEA)

No matter what you cut or cut with ... you can't cut it faster than you can with this proven system!

If you're looking for the fastest, most consistent way to measure and cut your product, then the Hain Measuring System is your answer. The MEA changes from any length to any length instantly, up to 60 feet, without changing the operator's position on the line. It's also highly accurate (+/- .010) and quickly moves from one length to the next in seconds. The MEA is designed for quick and easy setup and is simple to use. Even a first time user will be productive with little or no training required. It can adapt to any saw and can be mounted to any surface so that you can integrate the MEA with your existing set up. The MEA is versatile allowing 'left' or 'right' handed operation and measurements in 'feet and inches' or 'inches' depending on your preference. The MEA is also available in a 'Skid Mounted' version.


  • Electrical Supply: 110 Volt A/C.
  • Motor: 1/4 HP, 110 Volt A/C, Linear Actuator.
  • Highly Accurate: +/- .010".
  • Stop Rail: 2 x 4 x 1/4" Aluminum Extrusion.
  • Stops: Jig bored steel.
  • Stop Blocks: Machined Billet Aluminum.
  • Internal Components: Hardened, ground and polished steel and Billet aluminum.
  • Dimensions: Length - 5 Feet (60") to 60 Feet (720"), Height - 12", Depth - 12".



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