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    Vac-U-Clamp ThermoFoil Vacuum Press FT 1000 is one of two available Thermofoil Vacuum presses offered.

    Operational Overview: The S/P Series Press is a very versatile vacuum press, excellent for any vacuum laminating,vacuum forming or veneer laminating application.

    Operational Overview: The "F" Series Flip Top Vacuum Presses are the most versatile, cost effective cold vacuum laminating and vacuum forming presses on the market, perfect for  wood veneering, wood laminating and wood forming with vacuum.

    Operational Overview: The FP/C Series “Hot Press” or Heated Vacuum Presses are designed to provide exceptionally fast curing of Urea wood adhesives, PVA adhesives and other wood glues and wood laminating adhesives designed to be cured with heat.

    The FT-800 ThermoFoil Vacuum Press is a “clam shell” type thermofoil press specifically designed for smaller shops or where shop space is limited or as a back-up press for larger production shops which encounter short run requirements.

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